Google analytics
Find out who's travelling to your website and when

The most widely used web statistics application used is Google Analytics, it's based upon the analytics package produced by Urchin Software Corporation (bought out by Google in 2005). The software is available for free. In 2007 the application was redesigned making it much easier to use with newly added functionality.

To use Google Analytics you will first need to register an account with Google. Google will give you some Javascript code which will need to be placed on every page of the website, you can do this manually or by using plugins or tools depending on your website. The software uses this code to send information back to Google servers and track the information from your page.

Once logged into Google Analytics you'll see the Dashboard. The Dashboard is the central hub that gives you an overview of the most popular and informative reports. These include general site usage, visitors, content, traffic sources and a useful map.

Google offer thorough training presentations to using the software.

Pageviews, Visits, and Visitors
Time Metrics
Traffic Sources
Content Reports
Analyze Traffic Sources, Content, and Navigation